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Major funding bodies supporting our research


KAW logo

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation supports long-term, free basic research beneficial to Sweden, mainly in medicine, technology, and the natural sciences. This is achieved through long-term grants to excellent researchers and to projects. The Foundation can also initiate grants to strategic projects and scholarship programs. The Foundation has since its establishment in 1917 awarded SEK 24 billion in grants, of which SEK 1.7 billion yearly in recent years, to excellent basic research and education in Sweden. 




The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) combines the depth of a highly focused research institute with the breadth of a wide-ranging philanthropic organization. Since its establishment in 2005, NYSCF has invested over $150 million in stem cell research and continues to conduct the most advanced stem cell research internationally, both in its own laboratory in New York City, and also in collaboration with major medical research and leading academic institutions around the world. NYSCF supports the next generation of scientists around the world doing innovative high-risk/high-reward work that translates research into cures. Grant awarded for years 2017-2021.

VR logo

The Swedish Research Council (VR) is the largest provider of public funds for Swedish basic research at Swedish higher education institutions and research institutes. The projects it supports are mainly initiated by the researchers themselves. The support is distributed by the Scientific Councils and the Committees for Educational Science and Research Infrastructures to research that is of the highest scientific quality and best promotes the renewal of research.


ERC logo

The European Research Council (ERC) is the European Union funding body that implements the Specific FP7 Programme 'Ideas'. It is part of the Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7). The Ideas Programme supports "investigator-driven" research carried out across all fields by individual national or transnational teams in competition at the European level. The ERC consists of an independent Scientific Council, responsible for scientific strategy, and an administrative arm, the European Research Council Executive Agency (ERCEA). ERC Starting Grants aim to support the creation of excellent new research teams.

EU logo

Novel Strategies for Cell-based Neural Reconstruction (NSC-Reconstruct): Horizon2020, grant number 874758. The overall goal of the European project is to develop new regenerative approaches to combat brain damage inflicted by neurodegeneration or injury using new innovative technologies for the development of next generation cell-based therapies for neuronal replacement and circuitry repair.


EU logo

Opto-Electronic Neural Connectoid Model Implemented for Neurodegenerative Disease (OpenMIND): HORIZON-EIC-2021-PATHFINDEROPEN-01, grant number 101047177. A major challenge facing Europe is its ageing population and associated increase in diagnosed cases of neurodegenerative diseases (NDD) such as Parkinson’s disease (PD). The exact causes and mechanisms underlying PD are still unknown and a non-animal NDD models is needed both in terms of better translation, but also to replace expensive and problematic animal experiments. Our vision is to replace animal models by creating an ex-vivo-type in vitro human opto-electronic multi-regional brain-organoid disease model - OpenMIND - with particular focus on PD, the second most common NDD.


Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency who help to build Sweden's innovation capacity, contributing to sustainable growth. In 2021 Vinnova invested in 11 innovation environments in precision health that will pave the way for a more preventive, accurate and equal health care and contribute to strengthening Sweden as a life science nation. Our project: IndiCell (2021-2026): Implementation of clinical workflows for individualized stem cell therapy. Lund University is the coordinator for the innovation environment, which includes several universities, regions and companies. #IndiCell

CAMP logo

Supported by Vinnova project CAMP (Contract no. 2017-02130).
Centre for Advanced Medical Products (CAMP)   is a Vinnova funded project focussing on the science and technology required to translate ATMPs from lab to clinic, including bioprocess development, GMP production and logistics. CAMP drives collaboration between researchers, GMP competent resources, industry and hospitals. #centreforatmp


The Parkinson Foundation (Parkinsonfonden) organizes and funds Parkinson's-related research initiatives. The Foundation is dedicated to support clinical research for understanding of the brain and how Parkinson’s disease affects it and for development of a cure for Parkinson's disease.The Research Foundation of the Swedish Parkinson’s Disease Association is under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Silvia.



The Brain Foundation (Hjärnfonden) awards scholarships and grants to researchers and research groups to enable or intensify important research. The Foundation also works to increase knowledge among the general public about the brain, its diseases, injuries and disabilities through information, lectures and seminars.  The Brain Foundation's Scientific Board guarantees that the researchers who receive grants or scholarships belong to the Swedish researcher elite. The Scientific Board consists of about twenty of the nation's most accomplished neuroscience experts.

We are also grateful for the support from the following foundations:

Svenska Sällskapet för Medicinsk Forskning (SSMF, Swedish Society for Medical Research)
Crafoordska Stiftelsen
Konung Gustaf V:s och Drottning Victorias Frimurarestiftelse
Kungliga Fysiografiska Sällskapet
Harald Jeanssons Stiftelse/ Harald och Greta Jeanssons Stiftelse
Thorsten och Elsa Segerfalks Stiftelse